CPR Photoradar

  • Specialized design to combine radar technology, intelligent IP cameras.
  • Accredited according to current Vietnamese measurement technical requirements.
  • Integrating leading high-tech imported products in the world.
  • High-class protective cover is suitable for climatic conditions in Vietnam.


  • Specially designed to combine radar technology, intelligent IP cameras with CadPro Tech embedded products are synchronous tools of measuring vehicle speeds with visual recording and intelligent data processing to meet technical requirements;
  • Being accredited according to current Vietnam measurement of technical regulations;
  • The product is integrated with imported products from the world's leading high-tech equipment manufacturers: Speed ​​measuring radar, IP camera, dedicated selection lens which are capable of automatically synchronizing Infrared lights, providing vehicle speed parameters and high quality and sharp images during the daytime as well as nighttime;
  • The device is installed in high-quality protective cover suitable for hot and humid climate conditions in Vietnam.
  • Integrated CPR-TEC software which can be embedded-installed in industrial computers manufactured by CadPro such as CPR-Smartbox, CPR-CameraStation, or it also can run from a central server to create perfect solutions for smart traffic, smart city, that has been applied in many cities and roads in Vietnam.

Technical specifications

Specifications Detail
Speed ​​sensor Radar, tracks multiple objects simultaneously
Center frequency 24.125GHz
Speed measurement zone 1,6 – 321,9km/h
Allowable error +- 0.8km/h +-0.3%
Measuring mode fixed, moveable, upstream, downstream
Distance of measuring speed > 400m
Camera IP
Photographing distance 15-50m (Depend on the camera’s setting, viewing angle, height)
Resolution HDTV 1080P/55MP (multithread)
Video stream H264 Baseline và Main Profle, Moton JPEG
Lighting correction

Automatic (P-IRIS, day/night), WDR

Video processing

Detects movement, jumping a fence illegally, trespassing on protected areas

Data communication PoE (sensor data), RS485 (light)
Controls GPIO (synchronizing capture)
Integrated software Media photos, license plate, speed, video
Auxiliary hardware

Embedded computer, GPS, CPR-Smartbox

Protection box  IP66
Operating temperature  -20oC to 50oC
Operating humidity  15% to 100%

Flexible architecture


Overall solution

An overall solution with monitoring and management functions to handle traffic violations through a user-friendly interface.


Combining license plate/speed and video tracking for each object which allows users to check and have evidence to handle traffic violations.


CPR Photoradar combines the features of the vehicle speed measurement device with visual recording and advanced video analysis features.

Automatically synchronize

Automatically synchronize license plates and speed of each vehicle simultaneously, classify vehicles, intelligently identify violations by lane, allowable speed, blacklist ...


Installed as an independent monitoring device or integrated into a system, monitoring traffic operations, smart city.

Practical use

The product has been installed and is effectively used which is contributing to improving traffic safety.